Caste, Race and War: Extracts from Nehru’s Discovery of India

In an attempt to keep myself motivated to read and reflective on my reading, I’m going to start reflecting on extracts from the books I’ve been perusing.

The first is a rather interesting extract from The Discovery of India by Jawaharlal Nehru, a book which is immediately startling by its personal tone and by its informal approach to India’s vast and diverse (drink every time you hear that phrase) history and culture. His personal history is fascinating, the death of his wife tragic but dignified, and his experience as a politician pioneering. Yet overall Nehru comes out about as Fabian as you would expect: amazed at history’s breadth, appreciative of if slightly disappointed by religion, very positive towards both the Soviet Union and respectful of Chinese civilisation’s achievements and overall quite critical of his own country’s perceived backwardness. Continue reading “Caste, Race and War: Extracts from Nehru’s Discovery of India”